About Us

Board of Directors

Veronica Ferguson, President and Chief Executive Officer

Former Sonoma County Administrator (2010-2017); experience in public administration, economic and community development, law, leadership, and team facilitation

Todd Sheffield, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

Former CEO of Community First Credit Union (2003–2021); experience in banking, accounting, credit analysis, multifamily investing, community board volunteer

Michelle Whitman, Secretary

Executive Director, Renewal Enterprise District, July 2019-present; Chair, Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation & Open Space District Advisory Committee

Advisory Board Members

Supervisor Chris Coursey

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors; Vice Chair, Renewal Enterprise District

The RED Housing Fund proposes building not just homes, but communities to support sustainable living in a rapidly changing world. The RED Housing Fund is structured to be efficient, effective and sustainable organization prepared to facilitate creation of housing that meets shared public policy and community wide goals including increased density, transit-oriented development, protection of open space and community separators, improved energy efficiency, climate resilience and affordability, and equity. The RED Housing Fund will jumpstart the shared vision of the City of Santa Rosa, the County of Sonoma to harness regional action to meet our community’s diverse housing needs and to protect the environment, support economic vitality, and improve the quality of life for all the region’s residents.

Let’s build something together.

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